"Every child is an artist. The problem is, how to remain an artist once we grow up.​"  - Pablo Picasso


color. that is my love language. i am a child... lost in the color wheel. when i paint there are no judgement. no prerequisite. just color. color heals. color shifts the room. color releases fear. color houses god. 


i was raised on the south side of chicago and went to the same high school as michelle obama (s/o WY!). the neighborhoods of south shore, beverly, and k-town are all places i called home. these vastly different landscapes shaped my view of the world as an artist. chicago is an amalgamation of hard and cold, beautiful, and warm. it is pain and pure joy. it is love. it is you. it is me.


i thrive in modes of creative expression. I  am an actor, dancer, teacher, choreographer, writer and producer... however, i prefer the moniker, artist. i am the daughter and granddaughter of artists. my mother, a mural painter, abstract artist, fashion designer and all around artistic genius, passed down the gift of art from her mother. it is a gift. that i know for sure.

i specialize in commissioned/customized pieces that are designed for commercial and residential spaces. my work lives in a limitless mixture of color, while establishing drama and profundity. i enjoy creating pieces that are large in scale, that feel illimitable. i work in acrylic on canvas and mixed media. 


i decided to launch this site as a way to do what i love and share it with others. i have been doing art for my family and friends for years...but i now want to open up this space. ...and i've run out of walls!


often, with dreams - they whisper in your ear until you actually do something. this one began to yell.  

xo AK

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